Amazons Temple of Gold

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amazons Temple of Gold

Additional Info

  • Title:Amazons in the Temple of Gold
  • Release date:1986
  • Country:France
  • Director:Alain Payet
  • Starring:Analía Ivars, William Berger, Antonio Mayans, Stanley Kapoul, Olivier Mathot, Eva León, Claude Marchal, Françoise Blanchard, Emilio Linder, Alicia Príncipe, Jean-Claude Lerner, Jean-René Gossart
  • Language:English
  • Length:84 minutes

A missionary and his wife are killed by natives when they accidentally discover their golden temple, but his daughter is spared and is raised by the tribe. Fifteen years later, she seeks vengeance for her parents' murders and joins an expedition searching for the same golden temple.

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